Friday, January 24, 2014

NARSissist Eye Palette

Should I get myself a new eyeshadow palette for this year? Heck, why not! I mean, my birthday is coming soon, and this year is The Year Of The Horse, which I am definitely a "horse". It was meant to be after all.

Now I'm usually the one that always late to the bandwagon, maybe because it has something about me being a "closet hipster", but nonetheless, I can't help myself because this NARS Narcissist Palette is just too perfect for everyday. This palette features their eyeshadow best sellers. All of them are beautifully neutral toned color which I think it would go great on everybody's complexion.

I had used some NARS products on myself, I especially love their Orgasm line of course, and their bronzer, Laguna is such a perfect brown tone that gives great natural looking shading for your contour. I don't usually buy a lot of NARS product because as a college student, they are a bit hefty in the price, but once a while, I usually splurge on their products when I feel it's appropriate to get under some circumstances (like replenishment). I know that there are dupes around there but maybe it's just the "placebo affect", but I do love NARS quality over others. Their pressed powders are so easily applied and it is very build-able to how much color you want, without looking so caked on.

Since I am a marketing student, I do love their names of their product. I swear, I want to work as a name color expert for NARS, because they have the most craziest, exotic and fancy names for their colors. Such as Deep Throat, Rue Bonaparte, Ashes to Ashes, Female Trouble, and many many more. Doesn't that sound like a cool job?! I mean, I could get away naming the most craziest thing and people would like that novelty idea.

NARSissist Eye Palette will be available for pre-order on Monday, January 27th, 2014. I'm pretty sure this is the product that you should definitely pre-order since there will be a high guarantee that it will be sold out. This is like when Urban Decay Naked palette first launched. Although it will be release in retailers on Saturday, February 1st, 2014.

Are you also interested in the "NARSissist" eye palette? Is this another one of those product that you will love it, or will you just leave it? Feel free to comment down below your thoughts or tweet me about it @samuraistripper.

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